Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I love giving gifts may it be for someone else or myself…

I must admit the person who has received the most gift from me value and quantity wise would be Lola. What can I say?! I’m Lola’s pet. It’s about time I share my blessings with her as she never fails to share hers as well as time, effort and sweat. I bought her tiles, blouses, and a stove. I have given Mom a few but not as expensive and not as often (Babawi ako Ma!).

But on this fateful day when my Dad turns 50! I will give him the most expensive gift I have given someone to date - a new phone. (Dad, this was even more expensive than my own birthday gift for myself but of course that’s not counting the other things I bought just on a whim). I hope he will like it!

It may be a few days or weeks until he can get hold of his new phone but I’m already excited for him. When I asked him to choose between a stylish phone with no camera as against one which doesn’t look as nice but has a camera, Dad chose the one with a camera. Even if he already has an SLR and digicam. The camera of this new phone may not have the megapixel Dad but it has a camera just like you wanted and it’s very stylish too. I’m sure it will make you look the hip kind of Dad that I know you are…

I love you Daddy!!! This is for you!!! (Dad, this gift will also be my advanced Christmas gift… I finish paying it off this coming Christmas… He he he he he)

Let’s take a peek!!!