Monday, November 3, 2008


I just started training for a new company. I didn’t expect much because of the blunder I just got from my previous company. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for my clearance later. However, my class is the most fun training I’ve had so far. The people are crazy and wacky. We went out drinking last Friday and they’re a tad crazier outside but also shared their sentimental side. I wish to have good working relationship with this people.

There is also a matter with my new home. During weekdays I live in my dorm. I have to share the room with six other ladies but it’s ok. I’m getting the hang of it. I’m so used to having my own room and bathroom but at least I don’t have my people bossing me around. There was just this one time though a case of luggage being delivered for someone at the dorm but no need to dwell on that. If she will really think of it, if not for me she won’t have her luggage that day I did her good and she should be thankful.

Anyways, there’s just one thing lacking… or someone lacking rather… someone I can start making memories with…