Thursday, February 5, 2009

when the world is spinning round and round

Last Thursday January 29, 2009, at around 4pm I was awaken by severe pain. My left ear was inflamed again. I mustered the strength to get up and buy myself medicine at the nearest drugstore. The pain subsided.

Around 8:30pm, Joan and I were talking about how she will go about her resignation and when I stood up to start cooking, I was attacked by severe headache and dizziness. I also felt like vomiting.

I went to the doctor the following day and her diagnosis was Vertigo. Since my left ear was inflamed, I was advised to see an EENT doctor come Saturday.

Saturday, they referred me to a certain Doctor, however, he cancelled going to his clinic and was asked to go back Monday. I went back Monday February 2 and was advised my ear drums are intact and that the only problem is my ears are too clean. He advised me that it might be diet, stress, or lifestyle that might have caused my vertigo. He told me that vertigo might have stemmed from problems with the ear, eyes, brain or general blood circulation.

I continued the medication of the previous doctor I saw.

However last night, February 4, at around 9:30pm I had the same symptoms again. This time my ears were not inflamed. I asked my brother to take me to the hospital. They arrived at 11:30pm and I went to Makati Med's ER. I was advised to rest and go to a neurologist.

I hate getting sick. It's expensive and it's not fun. =(

Do you want to know more about vertigo?

Here are some sites I came across: