Saturday, August 9, 2008

some nerdy chic

It's a Saturday and I woke up early to take a bath and try on my new make-up.

I just bought Revlon's Colorstay because I've been watching youtube videos about make-up and I have heard great reviews from xteener and itsjudytime.

I also bought myself an eyeshadow palette from Revlon and will use it as a base for the eye shadows I already took from Mom. He he he he he he! Oh I'm not a meanie. They were gifts to her that she didn't really like nor use. She's a lipstick person. I try not to take any of her lipstick from her except for those she freely gives to me.

I noticed that the blush and powder gave way probably within an hour or 2 because of my very oily skin. Probably due to heat (I don't have an air-conditioned room), the lipstick melted a little after that. But the eye make-up is still very vibrant. Putting an base really does make the eye make-up last.

After 3 hours, I decided to curl my hair. I've bought myself a curling iron long time ago but I haven't tried it. This is my first time to try it and I love it!

I also use the nick nerdy`chic in IRC. (Oh by the way I didn't get it from Michelle Phan although I love this girl. I just discovered her on youtube and I envy her skin and big eyes! We'll talk more about her next time and her aspirin mask.) I started to use it (the nick) when some guy just wedged it in my head that i was a nerd because i told him i love literature, books, anime, and computers. Because of the nick, lots of people have been asking me whether I own a pair of glasses. In fact, I do. I've been wearing them since 2002 but it's just 100 and 75, left and right respectively. I just bought a new pair because the last pair was broken and here it is.

Besides, I believe to be a real nerd, one doesn't need to look the part but be the part.