Monday, November 3, 2008


I just started training for a new company. I didn’t expect much because of the blunder I just got from my previous company. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for my clearance later. However, my class is the most fun training I’ve had so far. The people are crazy and wacky. We went out drinking last Friday and they’re a tad crazier outside but also shared their sentimental side. I wish to have good working relationship with this people.

There is also a matter with my new home. During weekdays I live in my dorm. I have to share the room with six other ladies but it’s ok. I’m getting the hang of it. I’m so used to having my own room and bathroom but at least I don’t have my people bossing me around. There was just this one time though a case of luggage being delivered for someone at the dorm but no need to dwell on that. If she will really think of it, if not for me she won’t have her luggage that day I did her good and she should be thankful.

Anyways, there’s just one thing lacking… or someone lacking rather… someone I can start making memories with…

Saturday, September 6, 2008


You told me not to expect. I told you I’m going to wait. They are contracdictory. You told me you’re not even expecting then maybe you shouldn’t. I’ll start not expecting too. You told me to stop my obsessions of him not because you are around. I will. I let you be and let you be free and forget about that Friday night…

Saturday, August 30, 2008

everything fell into place

It may feel like it's very alien or abrupt how this all started but there were indications right? Anyways, we are taking baby steps. I'm realizing the signs only now. It feels like we fit right into each other. It feels like everything fell into place.

I don't mind that it happened only now nor the fact it took two years before we finally had the courage to venture or even consider it. You were so into her and I got scared as I was someone new in your life. I had two rocks I was knocking my head with, one after the other. You were a witness to all that. We're both stupid. Nevertheless, here we are. Maybe, those people had to pass by so we could appreciate each other more.

I'm not scared that it won't work. I know it would. What scares me is to fathom what won't make it work. However, this is not time to be scared nor to think of things that has not happened yet and are even uncertain. This is time to look forward for the days that I know you're ever closer to me (for I can't say I only have you now for you have always been there).

I think I already loved you even before I knew I did.

Thanks for making me happy...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

some nerdy chic

It's a Saturday and I woke up early to take a bath and try on my new make-up.

I just bought Revlon's Colorstay because I've been watching youtube videos about make-up and I have heard great reviews from xteener and itsjudytime.

I also bought myself an eyeshadow palette from Revlon and will use it as a base for the eye shadows I already took from Mom. He he he he he he! Oh I'm not a meanie. They were gifts to her that she didn't really like nor use. She's a lipstick person. I try not to take any of her lipstick from her except for those she freely gives to me.

I noticed that the blush and powder gave way probably within an hour or 2 because of my very oily skin. Probably due to heat (I don't have an air-conditioned room), the lipstick melted a little after that. But the eye make-up is still very vibrant. Putting an base really does make the eye make-up last.

After 3 hours, I decided to curl my hair. I've bought myself a curling iron long time ago but I haven't tried it. This is my first time to try it and I love it!

I also use the nick nerdy`chic in IRC. (Oh by the way I didn't get it from Michelle Phan although I love this girl. I just discovered her on youtube and I envy her skin and big eyes! We'll talk more about her next time and her aspirin mask.) I started to use it (the nick) when some guy just wedged it in my head that i was a nerd because i told him i love literature, books, anime, and computers. Because of the nick, lots of people have been asking me whether I own a pair of glasses. In fact, I do. I've been wearing them since 2002 but it's just 100 and 75, left and right respectively. I just bought a new pair because the last pair was broken and here it is.

Besides, I believe to be a real nerd, one doesn't need to look the part but be the part.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ouch! That's all I can say.

Taken before the dental surgery...

Taken after they took the crown off...

P.S. Some people were asking why didn't my dentist take everything out.
Don't worry they took everything out, even the roots. My dentist just had to remove it part by part because it grew sideways.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I love giving gifts may it be for someone else or myself…

I must admit the person who has received the most gift from me value and quantity wise would be Lola. What can I say?! I’m Lola’s pet. It’s about time I share my blessings with her as she never fails to share hers as well as time, effort and sweat. I bought her tiles, blouses, and a stove. I have given Mom a few but not as expensive and not as often (Babawi ako Ma!).

But on this fateful day when my Dad turns 50! I will give him the most expensive gift I have given someone to date - a new phone. (Dad, this was even more expensive than my own birthday gift for myself but of course that’s not counting the other things I bought just on a whim). I hope he will like it!

It may be a few days or weeks until he can get hold of his new phone but I’m already excited for him. When I asked him to choose between a stylish phone with no camera as against one which doesn’t look as nice but has a camera, Dad chose the one with a camera. Even if he already has an SLR and digicam. The camera of this new phone may not have the megapixel Dad but it has a camera just like you wanted and it’s very stylish too. I’m sure it will make you look the hip kind of Dad that I know you are…

I love you Daddy!!! This is for you!!! (Dad, this gift will also be my advanced Christmas gift… I finish paying it off this coming Christmas… He he he he he)

Let’s take a peek!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

BenCab's UP-Cal Grad speech: 'Bakit Bad Trip ang Pagtatapos'

Delivered before graduating students of the University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters, 21 April 2007, at the UP Hardin ng mga Diwata, Diliman, Quezon City

Kapuwa kong Pambansang Alagad ng Sining at Dekano Virgilio Almario, Kawaksing Dekano Marilyn Canta, Kawaksing Dekano Jose Wendell Capili, Kawaksing Dekano Regina Gochuico, Kalihim ng Kolehiyo Dr. Teodoro Maranan, kaguruan ng kolehiyo, mga magulang, mga panauhin, at mga magsisipagtapos, magandang hapon sa inyong lahat.

Anong ginagawa ng estudyante sa eskwelahan? Pupunta ng klase. Tapos? Pupunta sa susunod na klase. Tapos? Magtatanghalian. Tapos? Pupunta ulit sa isa pang klase. Tapos? Pupunta sa huling klase. Tapos? Tapos, araw ng pagtatapos.

Graduation. Araw ng pagtatapos. Sino ba ang nagtatapos? Kayo. Ano ba ang natatapos? Kayo rin. Tapos ang maliligayang araw n’yo. Dapat araw ng pagsasaya ang araw na ito, at sigurado akong kahit anong mangyari, kahit ano pa ang sabihin ko ngayon, walang magpapalungkot sa inyo. Kaya naman naghanda ako ng listahan: ang sampung dahilan kung bakit bad trip magtapos. Pagkatapos kong magsalita, tingnan lang natin kung di kayo mag-unahang mag-enrol ulit.

Unang dahilan, pag tapos ka na, wala nang baon. Pakapalan na ng mukha kung manghihingi ka pa ng pera sa mga magulang mo. Dati-rati, nakakakupit ka pa, ’yung sobra sa hiningi mong tuition fee, halimbawa. Pag tapos ka na, ikaw na ang magbabayad para sa koryente, sa tubig, sa renta. Kung may mas bata kang kapatid, ikaw naman ang magbabayad ng tuition fee n’ya. Pag nagkataon, ikaw na ang hihingan ng baon ngayon.

Ikalawang dahilan, pag tapos ka na, wala nang kaibigan. O, sobra naman yata ’yon. Pero aminin na natin, kokonti ang panahong makakapagsama kayo ng barkada mo. Alangan namang sa iisang kompanya kayo lahat pumasok? Liliit na rin ang oportunidad na makakilala ka ng bagong kaibigan. Sa kolehiyo, bawat sem may bago kang nakikilala kasi may bago kang kaklase. Mas mabagal ang prosesong ito sa permanenteng trabaho. Isipin n’yo na lang, pag estudyante pinakanakakaasar ‘yung walang kuwentang group mate. Ang trabaho, para s’yang isang napakahabang group work.

Ikatlong dahilan kung bakit bad trip magtapos, wala nang panahong magbasa. Kayong mga taga-College of Arts and Letters, may bentahe kayo. Masarap mag-aral ng arte at letra. Isipin n’yo na lang ‘yung mga taga-Eng’g, sa tingin n’yo ba nag-eenjoy sila sa pag-aaral? May kakaibang sarap sa pagbasa ng tula , sa panunuri ng mga larawan, sa pagkatuto ng kung ano ang “Good Morning” sa Aleman, sa pagtatanghal sa teatro, sa pagtatalumpati. Pag tapos ka na, pag nagtatrabaho ka na, pagod na lagi ang utak mo sa pag-uwi. Telebisyon na lang ang pahinga.

Ikaapat na dahilan, wala nang bakasyon pag tag-init. At mas maikling bakasyon sa Pasko. Kawawa naman kayo.

Ikalimang dahilan, wala nang libreng gimik. Dito sa UP, maglakad-lakad ka lang may makikita ka nang kasiyahan. Pag fair, halimbawa, p’wede kang umupo lang sa benches ng Sunken Garden. Rinig mo na ang musika. E pag tapos ka na, saan ka pupunta? Alangan namang mag-camp out ka sa labas ng Araneta Center?

Ikaanim na dahilan, hindi na p’wedeng umabsent ng anim na beses. Wala nang academic freedom kasi wala ka na sa akademya. Pag tapos ka na, pag nagtatrabaho ka na, umabsent ka ng higit sa tatlong beses, tingnan lang natin kung saan ka pupulutin.

Konektado ito sa ikapitong dahilan, pag tapos ka na, hindi ka na p’wedeng mag-drop. Pag mag-aaral ka pa, at power-tripper ‘yung guro, p’wede kang mag-drop at tapos ang problema. Pag masyadong mabigat ang academic load, p’wede kang mag-drop. Kunin mo na lang sa susunod na semestre ‘yung sabjek. Hindi ‘yan p’wede sa tunay na mundo. Hindi ka p’wedeng mag-drop ng trabaho. Pagkatapos, aaplayan mo na lang paglipas ng ilang buwan.

Ikawalong dahilan kung bakit bad trip magtapos. Pag tapos ka na, hindi ka na p’wedeng magtext sa klase. Pag nababato ka sa trabaho, walang ibang p’wedeng gawin kundi tumuloy sa pagkabato, sa pagtatrabaho. Sa klase magtetext ka para magset ng oras kung kailan kayo magkikita ng mga kaibigan mo. E pag tapos ka na, di ba nga wala nang kaibigan?

Ikasiyam na dahilan, hindi na p’wedeng mangopya. Hindi na p’wedeng ipaxerox ang notebook ng katabi mo. Hindi na p’wedeng sumulyap-sulyap sa papel ng kaibigan mo pag exam. Kasi, wala nang exam. O, araw-araw exam.

Pag tapos ka na, tapos ka na. Ito ang ikasampung dahilan kung bakit bad trip magtapos: hindi na p’wedeng bumalik. Hindi ka na p’wedeng bumalik. Tapos na ang mga araw ng baon, kaibigan, pagbabasa, bakasyon, libreng gimik, pag-aabsent, pagda-drop, pagtetext, pangongopya. Tapos ka na e. Tapos na. Oras na para magsimula.

Thanks to Prof. Wendell Capili for the transcript and the photo.

- Na kinopya ko naman mula sa blog ni Haydee sa


I'm affected by the graduation buzz...

Art flows from the Caoile clan

I googled my Uncle’s name hoping to find his blog because my mom just mentioned he maintained one but what I found is far better, I found his website! It featured his paintings and sculptures.

Here are my favorites so far…

"Brother and Sister" is my favorite painting because it reminds me of the different stories my Mom told me about my dear Uncle back when they were still kids…

And my favorite sculpture is “Knowing Nothing 2″ due to the fact I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and there’s something about that hole which captivated me.

Don’t forget to visit my uncle’s website at next time you’re online…

Friday, March 21, 2008


Past time: web cam whoring!
(got the word camwhoring from org mate Ana T.)

You'd see lots of this...

And this...

Yes I'm naturally pouty

And sometimes you'd catch me practicing my KOREAN PEACE SIGN pose

See ya online! Peace out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Delete is such a powerful word. And it seems like it was powerful because I can't get back my blog nor my old user id in gmail. Apparently, you can't use a username again that was already picked even if it was inactive for quite sometime. This is to protect the security of the users. The same goes for emails and apparently URLs. *sighs*

Delete is reminding me of "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" where deleting one's memory of someone is as easy as plugging a computer device and rewiring someone's brain. Well in the end, it couldn't be entirely deleted and that is how powerful memories are. *sighs*

I panicked but then like a broken hearted lover... I am moving on and creating a new blog and email address. And here it is... my first post....