Monday, August 17, 2009

I Found Heaven in Bohol

I just arrived from my trip to Bohol. I had the greatest time. I think I'd be traveling more often since it was a great experience.Here I am with Amy (with shades) waiting for our flight in old Pasay NAIA Domestic Airport.

We boarded Zest Air flight Z2 981 on schedule.
My first airplane ride was with this plane! I rode a chopper once though. It's not categorized as a plane is it?
Yey! We arrived at Tagbilaran Airport.
We visited the Loboc Church which is the second oldest church in the Philippines next to the one in Intramuros. That's what Manong Ian, our guide, said. We visited the museum in the second floor and the church downstairs. It reminded me of San Agustin Church.

I had to have a photo-op with a tarsier. This is said to be the smallest monkey and is nocturnal. So please don't take their pictures with flashes on because they will go blind.
Here I am with Jacky (in stripes) and Amy (in pink) at the Loboc River for our buffet lunch and long river cruise.
Of course, everyone visits he famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol whenever tourists visit here. It was beautiful just like in the pictures but it's different when you get to see it for real so biyahe na! It's green because it's the rainy season but during summer it's brown that's why it's dubbed Chocolate Hills.
On our second day, we had to wake up early to go dolphin watching. It's so cool. It's hard to get a good shot though because they only come out for a few seconds or minute. But it would have been better to go there earlier so that there aren't too many boats which startle them. You have to be on the site at 6:00am so probably you leave at 5:30am.
Here is Tita on the boat with Balicasag Island in the background.
This is for me the most fun of all the activities I have done in Bohol. You should try it. Amy said that the snorkeling site here is better than in Bora. Too bad I didn't have an underwater camera. I should have shown you that we swam over a school of fish and saw hundreds of colorful fishes.
We also visited the Virgin Island. They told us that no one lives here because usually it is covered by water when the tide is high. We also met a couple of boatman who arranged a packed lunch here for P300 per person. They served mostly grilled food. It looked delicious. And we got rained over when we visited this island.
This is our last dinner in Bohol. They usually sell you fresh fish, veggies, meat, etc. and then cook it for you. A meal for every person ranges from P150-P200 per person per meal and it's already quite filling.
This is Alona Beach at night
Enjoying the rattan beach bed of Alona Tropical resort. I was so tired after a full meal and tons of exciting activities.
Here we are on our last leg of the trip. We went back to the Blood Compact monument.
Here I am with Jacky on the way back to Manila. I think I'd be traveling more often from this time forward. On both flights, I was seated on the window seat. It was swell!

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  1. those are wonderful photos and you write about a place that is beautiful and magical. thanks for sharing.